How to Turn Social Media Leads Into Actual Sales

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Overcoming the distracted nature of social media has always been a struggle for businesses looking to sell to their followers, but changing your strategy may be the key to turning your numerous social media leads into actual sales. Alec England Centerlyne Columnist Social Media Leads, Content Marketing Social media users are one...
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Periscope. Get on it.

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Periscope. Get on it. By: Alec England Centerlyne Columnist 3/28/16 Guys. Listen. Well, actually read. A little while back I came across this new app called “Periscope”. I have heard some people talking about it and how it’s going to be “monumental” and whatever else and honestly, I think it...
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Guerilla Marketing

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Guerilla Marketing. Take Advantage!   By: Alec England Centerlyne Columnist 3/12/16 In last week’s article, I discussed how Snapchat is quickly becoming the platform of choice for top marketers. Its popularity is quickly rising due to various new services and due to the coverage that analysts like myself have been...
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Snapchat. So hot right now.

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Snapchat The social media marketing world is blowing up about Snapchat right now. For good reason.   By: Alec England Centerlyne Columnist March 2, 2016 Social media marketing figureheads have lately been all over Snapchat. Gary Vaynerchuk is all over it, articles about it are dominating, and more and...
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Alec England, Columnist February 25, 2016 Centerlyne Be the First to Know It seems that every website we visit these days screams at you to sign up for some kind of list. “Be the first to know!” “Special discounts!” “Free emails from us!” Not only do websites tell us to...
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Your Business, Your Voice

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How to give your posts personality. Alec England, Columnist January 21, 2016 When it comes to business, people often default to their more “professional” sides. Duh, Alec. Its business. But there comes a time that we need to put that suit personality aside and remind customers that we are people....
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