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Hashtag #, or is it #Hashtag?

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When hashtags (#) first appeared, we thought they’d just be a trend. Instead, they’ve proven to be one of the most powerful tools of the social media age. As you probably know, a hashtag is text immediately preceded by a pound sign (#centerlyne) that turns a word or phrase into...
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Wild Alaskan Salmon Delivered to Your Door

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Wild Alaskan Salmon Delivered to Your Door! Centerlyne has recently partnered with Pride of Bristol Bay Yes, you read that right! Centerlyne has recently partnered with Pride of Bristol Bay—an innovative company dedicated to bringing sustainably harvested wild Alaskan salmon to consumers and chefs nationwide while using part of their...
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Automated Email Marketing Campaigns

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Make Your Campaigns Personal, STAT Are you writing automated email campaigns? Are you tailoring the message to your audience? Are you making your message personal? Here are some of our favorite tips for creating effective email blasts. First things first: Take the time to know who you’re talking to. Think...
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Why Hire a Professional Web Designer

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3 Reasons Why Hiring a Professional Web Designer is Worth Every Penny   For starters, there is an abundance of popular website development tools out there, such as; wix, squarespace, godaddy, and many more. This may lead you to wonder why you should hire a professional web designer when, theoretically,...
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Social Media Application in the Real World

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 Alec England Centerlyne Columnist Share me! Social Media Application The benefits of social media marketing can be felt through many professional disciplines. Whether you are using social media for sales, event promotions, or personal branding, the rules remain the same for those who use social media. In addition to writing...
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Instagram Stories Up Their Game

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 Alec England Centerlyne Columnist Share me! Instagram Stories Update Instagram is breaking away from the Snapchat mold with their Stories feature. By adding new features that have never previously been seen, Instagram is clearly stepping up their game, causing many (including myself) to take back their initial judgments of "Instagram...
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Pinterest Unveils “Pin Collective”

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Alec England Socialyfe Columnist Share me! Pin Collective Anyone who has tried to market their business on social media knows that finding good, relatable content is no easy task. But Pinterest has found a way to simplify that process: Pin Collective. They just keep getting better. Pinterest, well-known for their incredible...
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