Capture an Audience for Your Holiday Marketing Campaign

It’s December. Are you ready for the holiday season?

Are your holiday campaigns in place? Whether you’re a large corporation or small business and you sell your goods online, the holiday season is often the busiest time of year. With the continuous influx of web traffic during the holiday season you need to make sure your marketing strategy is in place to encourage current and prospective buyers to engage. So, create your to-do list, start with polishing up your messages for the holiday campaigns.

We often encourage our customers to set up an email marketing account with Mailchimp. Email marketing is arguably the strongest piece of a content marketing campaign. With email marketing, you can touch your customers with additional information than what they may see on your Facebook or Instagram pages.  So, lets dive in a bit deeper on how to use an email marketing account to increase your 2018 holiday marketing campaign.

Find new customers on social media.

Even though we just said that your email marketing campaign enhances your social efforts and gets additional information in front of your audience, we need to start at the social level, and  target those profiles who fit the demographic we’re searching for. Once we find those people, we then encourage signing up for our email newsletter, and voila, we have more email address to reach out to.

Keep your brand at the top.

Don’t wait for those “promo holidays,” you know the ones we’re talking about. Instead, start now, get customers thinking about making those purchases and supporting your business. Although a Black Friday ad may be hard to pass buy, those “all of December” sales are even harder to pass up. Keep emails flowing consistently and thoughtfully into your customers inbox, keep your brand in front of them.

Collect more email signup.

Lastly, as you’re running campaigns across the internet,  have landing pages on your website that request an email sign up. The more emails you have, the greater chance of purchasers you have.

So, don’t wait a second longer, get those email marketing campaigns up and going! If you have questions or would like to further discuss implementing campaigns for the holiday season and beyond, you can contact Centerlyne by clicking here.

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