How to Build Brand Loyalty on Social Media

Alec William England | Social media marketing
 Alec England
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Brand Loyalty

As social media continues to play a bigger and bigger role in our everyday lives, the line between you and “online you” begins to blur. The same can be said for brands. Customers become friends. The people who buy your products are also the people who like and share your social media content. Leveraging this relationship to your advantage is crucial for any brand that hopes to stay relevant on social media. Here are a couple quick ways to build brand loyalty on social media.

1. Know what they like about your brand.

Consumer attitudes have changed in recent years. Today, launching a startup is easier than ever. But in order to compete with larger and more established companies, these startups are often forced to do more than just showcase their products. In addition, they must appeal to a customer’s personal attitudes and opinions. People don’t care as much what they are buying, as long as they know why they are buying it. With so many new and exciting products hitting the market on the daily, consumers look to their own values when deciding who to buy from. When looking at similar products offered by two different companies, do they support Company A’s mission? Or do they support Company B’s?

What I am getting at here is that brands need to tap into their audience’s attitudes. What makes them tick? What do they support or detest? What makes them unique? When you feel you have a solid idea of your audience’s attitudes, look inward. What is keeping you in business both financially and personally? Why are you doing what you do? What unique aspects set your brand apart from others? That is the story your audience wants to hear. They get enough “buy this” ads on their feeds already. You need to appeal to why they want to buy from you.

2. The 80/20 Rule

I see way too many brands posting only about their products and how great they are. What most of them fail to see is that if someone hasn’t personally experienced the product they are promoting, they don’t care. The 80/20 rule is commonly used among social media marketers. What it states is that your brand’s social media interactions should be in the ballpark of 80% interaction, 20% promotion. Following this rule insures that your followers are not being bombarded with advertisements that have no backing. People want to feel like they have access to the brands that they buy from. They want to know that brands are listening and actually appreciate customers’ time and attention. In addition to getting the word out about your products and services, brands need to interact with their followers on a regular basis. Keep in touch. Share content that is relevant to your line of work. Take the attention off of your products for a while and put it on your brand as a whole.

Remember, it is called social media. Not advertisement media.

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