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BLOGGING FOR TRAFFICDirecting internet users toward your own website can be challenging. Like you have probably already heard, the entire world wide web is a very crowded and noisy environment. But that doesn’t mean that you have no hope as a small business owner of getting your website some publicity. It really can be as simple as uploading a page of relevant material to your business’ website. In other words, blogging. How do we know this works? You are living proof. We at The Site Vamp upload a weekly blog post to our website not only to keep content fresh, but also to give web viewers a reason to visit the website on a more regular basis. Neglecting to upload new content gives viewers no reason to want to visit your website. Why would anyone want to read an article or customer testimonial from three years ago? Through our blog, we aim to keep viewers updated on effective social media marketing news and techniques. You can do the same for your viewers, and we can help.

Blogging in itself is nothing new. Personal blogs gained high popularity among web-savvy teenagers around the same time that MySpace was gaining popularity. Originating as an “online diary” of sorts, the act of blogging has grown to include political or special interest blogs, among many others. Today, blogging offers a simple method of directing web traffic to your website, mainly through the use of social media or SEO.

There are approximately 1.4 billion Facebook users worldwide. Even reaching a fraction of that user base with blog promotions can drastically improve your website’s daily traffic. The idea is pretty simple, really. You tell your Facebook (or any other social media site) friends about the newest post you just put on your website. A new post is much more interesting to viewers than those pictures from that 2005 event your business hosted. So, they follow the link you provide them and read through what you had posted. Since they are on your website, they now are exponentially more likely to read up on what you offer or inquire about obtaining those goods or services.

On the “search engine” side of things, effective blogging can boost your website’s position on the list of search results. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is a marketing method that essentially aims to put a website as high as possible on a search engine’s results list. Effectively using various keywords in your blog posts helps search engines find your website when a user searches with the same or similar keywords. There are many other ways of marketing through search engines, but this is a simple method to get you started.

For example, your coffee shop, Joe’s Coffee, has a specialty drink that no other shop in the area of Sometown makes. The drink has chile powder and chocolate in it (I don’t know, it seems like that might be kind of good). When Arthur P. Tourist rolls into town, he has no idea which coffee shop to go to. He loves coffee, and his travels have made him crave some sweet, spicy concoction. Like most people, he then searches for what he wants on Google or some other search engine. Since you, Joe, have mentioned the words “spicy”, “sweet”, “coffee”, and “sometown” multiple times in your blog posts and throughout your website, your website is the most likely to pop up on the top of the list of search results. Because of this, Arthur is most likely to click on the link to your website as opposed to your rival’s website, Bad Coffee Co., who hasn’t posted anything new for years. Arthur is directed to your website, finds directions to your shop, and goes to buy your specialty drink.

These examples are simplified, but they explain the essentials of how effective blogging can improve your business. Keeping up on your website’s content is crucial in this day and age in order to keep your website relevant and in use. Neglecting to do this will cause your website to sink lower and lower in search engine results, impacting your website’s traffic, and eventually impacting your business’ customer base. The Site Vamp specializes in keeping your website at the top of the search results list, no matter which engine you use. Meet with us today and see how we can help you!

By: Alec England, columnist, The Site Vamp

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