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Twitter Changes: They Might Save Themselves After All

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 Alec England Centerlyne Columnist Share me! Twitter Changes After months and months of negative press about Twitter, CEO Jack Dorsey and his team have come up with a few changes that, in my opinion, will save the social media service from complete obsolescence. FINALLY. Twitter is making some changes. This...
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Instagram Stories. Meh.

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 Alec England Centerlyne Columnist Instagram just unveiled their new "stories" feature. It's like Snapchat, but on Instagram. Really, it's pretty underwhelming. If you want to beat the competition, take a step ahead of them. Don't copy them. Instagram Stories Instagram has just unveiled the latest feature to their platform with...
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Why Social Media Influencers Still Matter

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 Alec England Centerlyne Columnist Social Media Influencers Many company CEOs have voiced disdain toward the social media influencers they employ. While they may have their reasons, the truth of the matter is that social media influencers will continue to be the best way for brands to have their voice be...
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